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Room Integrity Testing

integrity testing  equipmentA gaseous fire suppression system is a highly effective and proven method of protecting your premises from the destructive forces of fire. To ensure it works properly, however, it is important that room integrity testing is carried out when the system is first commissioned and at least once a year thereafter, to fully comply with British Standards ISO 15004.

Room integrity testing checks whether the room or enclosure where the fire suppression system has been installed is adequately sealed. If a room is inadequately sealed this can allow the fire suppression agent to dissipate too quickly, before it has time to cool or extinguish the fire. If the room is sealed too tightly on the other hand, the gaseous fire suppressant could actually cause internal structural damage to the enclosure when activated, so it’s important to ensure that the integrity of the room is adequate.

Integrity TestingAt Aspect Fire Solutions, we include full room integrity testing whenever we design or install a new system. Not only does this give you peace of mind that in the event of a fire, the fire suppression system will help to contain the fire within a room or enclosure but that the risk of the fire re-igniting is minimised. To guarantee the performance of the system, it has to be checked and serviced regularly, which is why we recommend you include room integrity testing as part of an annual maintenance and service package.

ISO 15004 compliance

British Standards ISO 15004 states that any enclosure protected by a gaseous fire suppression system must have a room integrity test carried out annually. This also applies if alterations are made to a room after the system has been installed, such as when holes are drilled for new cabling, a new door is fitted, or anything else is done that is likely to affect the structural integrity of the room.

At Aspect Fire Solutions, we provide room integrity testing for a wide range of fire suppression systems, whether it is for a system already in place or a completely new installation. Our experienced technicians aim to cause the minimum amount of disruption and in most cases, there is no need to shut down office computers or other equipment while the room integrity testing is carried out. If you want to find out more about fire suppression systems and room integrity testing, or simply need some expert advice, we’d be delighted to help. For more information please contact our local office. You can reach our northern office on 0845 0540 516 and our southern office on 0845 0540 518.


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