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VESDA Air Sampling - High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems HSSD

As the name suggests Vesda HSSD Systems are highly sensitive smoke detection systems.

They can detect a potential fire in its very early stages, long before a conventional smoke detector would activate.

Vesda HSSD Systems are normally installed in the Air Sampling
following types of areas:

  • Computer rooms,
  • Communications centres,
  • Clean rooms,
  • Data centres,
  • Switch rooms,
  • Archive stores.

Generally areas where high value, business
critical systems are in use, often interfaced with Fire Suppression Systems.

Vesda HSSD Systems can also be used veryair sampling 2
effectively in areas not normally associated
with this type of detection system. In particular
high bay warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
These offer the benefits of early detection of a
potential fire & the added benefit of potentially
reduced maintenance costs compared to point
type or beam detection.




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