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Fire Suppression Systems - Design, Installation & Maintenance

The losses to businesses like yours caused by fire damage, adds up to half a billion pounds a year across the UK. However, this is insignificant when compared to the risk that fire poses to human life. This is why it’s vital to ensure your business, employees, and customers are protected by a market-leading fire suppression system that meets the most stringent regulations. We appreciate that selecting the right system can be a daunting task, which is why we are always happy to provide expert advice. You can ask us any questions by using our Quick Enquiry Form on the right or simply call us on: 0845 0540 516. Alternatively, to receive a free quote for the installation or maintenance of a fire suppression system for your business click here.

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There are many systems available on the market and this can make it difficult to know for sure that you have made the most effective choice, one that offers the best protection for your business, employees and customers. At Aspect Fire Solutions, our advice will always be seasoned with experience, and we will deliver impartial expertise about the choices that have to be made. We will offer a full range of solutions, that are provided nationwide.

Understanding fire suppression systems

Your choices tend to be split into two key types – either ‘Chemical’ or ‘Inert’ fire suppression systems. There are many brand names, among the most popular inert gaseous systems are Argogen (IG55), Argonite (IG55), Inergen (IG541) and INERTSAFE300 (IG541) – and we’ve added the chemical designation of the gas compounds in brackets. Chemical suppression systems include FM200 and NOVEC 1230.


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To help make an informed choice, here are the key points of each:

Inert gas systems

When discharged, these inert gas systems work to reduce the oxygen within a room or other enclosed area from normal air levels of 21% to less than 15%. At this reduced level, in class A, B and C fires, most combustible materials simply won’t burn. However, life is sustainable at this lower level and healthy individuals should not suffer any adverse effects. The products we listed above are all approved for use in areas which are normally occupied.

Chemical systems 

These extinguish fires by mainly physical processes. Their molecules absorb heat, reducing the temperature of the flames to a point below which they cannot propagate and thus the fire is extinguished. The products we listed are also safe for use in normally occupied areas, providing they are at prescribed design concentrations.

A final, and important, key pointPressure Relief Damper

With any gaseous fire suppression system, a key consideration is pressure relief damping. As the agent is discharged into an enclosed space, it creates a positive pressure. If there is insufficient natural leakage then structural damage can occur due to over-pressurisation of that area. 

This is why our specialists will always offer a full range of solutions. We calculate the correct size of pressure relief damper required for each enclosed area. We can also offer both a pressure relief damper installation service and post discharge extract systems for fire suppression agents, together with undertaking all necessary maintenance.

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Take that first step now

The lack of effective fire protection should not only become apparent after an event has occurred – taking the effective precautions is essential. This is why our team of professionals are ready to offer free advice, answer any questions, and provide a free quote for an effective system. Use our enquiry form or click here for a free quote now. Our service is provided nationwide, so you can also call either our Northern Office on 0845 0540 516 or our Southern Office on 0845 0540 518 to ask any questions or discuss the needs of your business in this key area. 

At Aspect, we always suggest a full range of solutions, to match your vital fire safety requirements.

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