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Fire Detection


Fire alarms are not a new idea. The first detector was History
patented in 1902 by George Darby.

The heat detector and fire alarm operated by closing a
circuit to sound the alarms if the temperature rose above
the safe limit.

The contact was made by bridging a gap with a conductor,
allowing one plate to fall against another. This movement
was caused simply by a block of butter! Which melted as
the temperature rose.


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Today fire alarms use state of the art technology to provide systems which are extremely reliable and effective at detecting potential fire situations and raising the alarm.

There are prescribed standards in place which give guidance Fire Detection System
on the manufacture, design and installation of fire alarms
and fire suppression systems.

At Aspect Fire Solutions Ltd we are able to offer impartial
advice on the best fire alarm solution for your needs, provide
quotations and designs to provide the most effective solutions.

We will work with you to deliver your project on time and on budget, following on with maintenance and support throughout the life of the system.

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